At nobó we are dedicated to creating supremely delicious and healthy, dairy free foods. The first step in our journey begins with our gluten and dairy free ice-cream, which we call, Frozen Goodness. It is the worlds first ice cream alternative made from avocado, coconut milk, and sweetened with pure honey.

All of our products are handmade in Ireland in small batches. 




The judges are wowed by this. There is NO cream in this yet it tastes wonderfully creamy and smooth. Beautifully made – you can taste the ‘love’ in this. There are a lot of grins on the judges’ faces – fabulous.

Great Taste Awards, Judging Panel 2014

Go taste their ice-cream, it is simply delicious. No bó – cow – geddit!

Lucinda O’Sullivan, Food Critic - Irish Independent

Eye-yhy-yhy. @_NOBO_ icecream is celestial stuff….. It’s BETTER THAN ICECREAM!

Susan Jane White, Sunday Independent Food Columnist - Oct. 2012

It’s lovely, so creamy and dreamy, all natural too. I feel good eating @_nobo_ ice cream

Claire Kleinedler, Food Blogger


chocolate3Ingredients: coconut-milk, honey, avocado, cacao-powder (4%), toasted almonds (3%), Irish sea salt.

vanilla3Ingredients: coconut-milk (71%), honey, avocado, vanilla extract  (2%).

lemon3Ingredients: coconut-milk, honey, avocado, fresh lemon juice (8%), vanilla extract, fresh lemon oil.

passion3Ingredients: coconut-milk, honey, passion fruit (11%), mango (8%), avocado, vanilla extract.

caramel3Ingredients: coconut-milk, coconut-sugar (12%), brown rice syrup, avocado, vanilla extract, Irisch sea salt (2%).

limited3coming soon! 

“A very smooth and refreshing ‘ice cream’. The judges enjoyed the beautiful texture.
This is a really clever product and all judges enjoyed the flavours”
Great Taste Awards 2014 – 3 Star Winners



We are determined not only to deliver the purest and most nutritious alternative to dairy ice cream, but importantly one that is also creamy, indulgent, and tastes incredibly good. This is what we will always strive to do.


‘Free-from’ products often contain artificial and unhealthy ingredients that we feel are unnecessary and compromise their overall integrity. We simply use a few natural, highly nutritious ingredients that also happen to be ‘free from’ dairy, and nothing else. No gums, stabalizers, preservatives or additives. Nothing but goodness.


We are hugely proud of our Irish roots and fully committed to ensuring that all of our products are handmade in Ireland. Due to the nature of our product, we can not source all of our raw ingredients from Ireland but we strive to use local produce wherever possible.


Rachel, Brian and Sam


We are two Dublin born, self confessed food geeks. After spending time living in New York working in Finance and Advertising respectively, we took a leap of faith and moved to Italy to work in a restaurant and immerse ourselves in our true passion. Upon returning home, we were determined to start a food business together. Importantly, we wanted to bring our love of tasty, delicious food together with our other interest in health and nutrition.

The outcome of this is Nobó.


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Nobó dairy free Frozen Goodness should be available in your local SuperValu store 

For other local stockists and to find your nearest Independent retailer please use the search function below.

 If you would like to see Nobó for sale in your local store, please get in touch with us or put in a request with your local store manager.


Interested in stocking our Frozen Goodness or just have a question? You can call us on 01-5331926. If you’d prefer to send us a message, you can complete the contact form below or email us at hello@nobo.ie

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1.If it's not ice cream, then what is it?

We like to call it Frozen Goodness. It’s an ice cream alternative that has a similar texture and feel to ice cream but is made from just a few natural dairy free ingredients; coconut milk, avocado, water and sweetened with honey. Some of our customers even include Frozen Goodness in their breakfast smoothies due to its nutritional profile. In addition, our products do not include any preservatives gums, stabilizers etc.

2.Where can I purchase Frozen Goodness?

Nobó is now available nationwide from all SuperValu stores. Our Frozen Goodness is also available from most good health stores and other Independent speciality food shops around the country. If you have a shop and would like to stock nobó or want to see us for sale in your local shop, please get in touch. We’re excited about the next step in the nobó journey!

3.Why do you use coconut milk, isn't it high in fat?

We are big fans of the humble coconut! Not only does it taste delicious but coconut milk contains essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that supply lots of benefits to the body. About a third of coconut flesh is fat (and about 92% of this fat is technically classified as saturated) but it is mostly made up of short and medium-chain fatty acids that are both immediately used for energy, so they are not stored easily as adipose tissue (body fat) like long-chain fatty acids found in dairy milk.

4.What does nobó mean? How did you come up with the name?

On a long drive to Connemara we started thinking up names for our new business. We wanted something that communicated a little about what we do and also the fact that we are an Irish company. Surrounded by cows along our journey we suddenly thought – how about NoBó? Bó is cow in Irish. Nobó = no cow = dairy-free.