Nobó Dessert Board

Dessert Ice Cream Treats

The perfect way to end a meal with friends, kids or the love in your life. This is such a simple and easy to assemble dessert and everyone will enjoy getting involved and being able to customise their own sundae.

All you need are a few tubs of your favourite Nobó Frozen Goodness flavours (2 or 3 is perfect) – for winter we love a combo of Mint Toffee, Chocolate & Toasted Almond and Vanilla & Coconut.

Next up select some toppings. Fresh fruit always works well as do nuts and grated chocolate (we recommend a few discs of Nobó Choc – melt some and roughly chop the others!)

Topping Suggestions: 

Fruit: Strawberries, Pomergranate, Blueberries, Cherries, Apricots, Medjool dates,

Nuts: Nutmost Maple Activated walnuts, Nutmost Salted Almonds or salty peanuts

Treats: Chunks of chopped Nobó choc, Salty popcorn, Cookie crumble, Brownie pieces, Hot Choc sauce or Healthy Caramel Sauce.

Get creative, pile the toppings high then let everyone grab a bowl and spoon and dig in!


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