Handmade Truffles & Bon Bons

All of our single-origin truffles, bonbons and Limited Edition bars are handmade in small batches from our flagship store in Dublin 6.

Each truffle is individually made & decorated by our Chocolatiers using the best ingredients like Piedmont Hazelnuts & Couldpicker Coffee. 

As everything is made in-house, we specialise in custom orders and can accommodate bespoke designs.

Some other reasons our handmade truffles are special...

Sustainable: Our truffles are thoughtfully presented in plastic-free packaging. We carefully consider what materials we use to package all our products, working hard to tread lightly, and think about how we are impacting the earth with our decisions. We encourage you to do the same! Responsible, enjoyable gifts are the goal! 

Single Origin & Ethical: We work exclusively with the highest grade Cacao Fino de Aroma, a special type of cocoa classified by the International Cacoa Organization for its fruity, flowery and nutty malt notes. We only use ethically sourced single origin cacao from a family run farm in Colombia. 

Plant Based: We're about inclusivity, and believe creamy delicious chocolate should be enjoyed by everyone! We work to make the creamiest chocolate imaginable using cashew nuts and coconut, our delicious plant based chocolate & truffles are suitable for vegans and non-vegans alike, and all our flavours are gluten free and made without refined sugar. 

Irish: We are a family run Irish business based locally in Dublin. All our truffles are made on site, by hand, in the Chocolate Lab in our flagship store in Dublin 6

Come by, say hi and see us in action anytime at The Treathouse


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